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Who am I?

As an actor, writer, director, and filmmaker, Mark’s motto is: unstoppable and driven. He comes from a musical family, where he sang and played the trumpet and sax. He was also a top male model for years, doing major print ads, covers, and fashion shows. He even developed a clothing called Raggedy Dad Clothing, reminding the world that good men really do exist. But once he caught the acting bug, he did not look back.

He has since appeared in over fifty films, TV shows, and stage productions such as Ray Donavon, Being Black Enough, and many more. He added writer and director to his credits with several films including award-winning film Stolen Breath: The Truth Revealed.

Mark has also directed miscellaneous other projects including commercials, web series, and films such as Blue Moon. His directorial achievements found him nominated for Best Director at the prestigious Black and Latino Filmmaker's Convention (BLFC).

Because of his many talents, he is being sought after often, and his name is continually on the rise.




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